Size of tennis court is 18 x 36m, Height 4m, material ZN+PVC, colour dark green RAL 6005.

Chart contains complete material for tennis court as it is designed by producer. In case of demand for different variant need to contact sales department.

  • Technical parameters
    Components Quantity
    Corner post BPL Ø 60,0x2,5x500 4 pc
    Post continuous Ø 60,0x2,5x500 43 pc
    Brace post BPL top Ø 42,0x1,5x315 36 pc
    Brace post BPL middle Ø 42,0x2,0x250 8 pc
    Brace post BPL for gate Ø 42,0x2,0x180 2 pc
    Chain link fence PVC mesh size 45mm, wire diameter 1,9/3,0mm, height 400cm 108 m
    Tension wire PVC Ø 3,5 mm 880 m
    Binding wire PVC (30 bm) 20 pc
    Tension bar PVC 2050mm 18 pc
    Cap for a continuous post 60/42 43 pc
    Joint for a top brace post 32 pc
    Tension bend for post Ø 60 mm 86 pc
    Shanks and gib head screw BPL Ø 42 mm (for tennis court) 28 pc
    Screw M8x30+washer+female screw 24 pc
    Connecting clip for tension wire 344 pc
    Lug for tensioner fitting 100 pc
    Screw for tension bar 108 pc
    Tensioner PVC 112 pc
    Gate for a tennis court 120x200 PVC 1 pc
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