• Posts: depending on dimensions 100x100x3,0mm - 140x140x3,0mm
  • Gate frame: 40x40mm
  • Filling: Panel 200x50x4 or bar profiles JAKL 15x15mm, panel DOUBLE
  • Surface treatment: HNZ, HNZ+PVC (RAL 6005), HNZ+PVC (other RAL)
  • Technical parameters

    BD SPECIAL is produced in 3 alternatives, price is same for all of them types:

    • gate with posts to ground
    • gate with posts on the base plates with 4 holes
    • gate without posts and with anchors to fit on concrete walls

    Gate parameters:

    • standard: high of wings H: Hmin=1200mm / Hmax=2000mm / every 100mm
    • standard: length of wings L: Lmin=3000mm / Lmax=6000mm / every 250mm
    • high of the posts = H+800mm
    • dimension between posts = L+160mm
    • Additional charge +12% for filling panel DOUBLE
    • Extra charge for atypical dimensions is +10%. 
    • Gates are delivered with lock LOCINOX, keep and 4X hinges M20 and dropbolt.

    We ask for 100% payment in advance for galvanized, other colors (besides RAL 6005) and atypical dimensions.


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