• Supporting frame: 120x100mmx5,00mm
  • Gate frame: 60x60mm, 80x40mm, 80x60mm
  • Bearing post: with build-in driving gear 140x140x2,0mm
  • Filling: panel Galaxia, bar profile JAKL 25x25mm 
  • Surface treatment: HNZ, HNZ+PVC (RAL 6005), HNZ+PVC (other RAL)
  • Technical parameters

    Gate parameters:

    • standard: high of wing H: Hmin=1300mm / Hmax=2000mm / every 100mm
    • standard: length of wing L: Lmin=6000mm / Lmax=9000mm / every 500mm
    • atypical dimension (other than multiple of 100mm or 500mm) = extra charge 10% on m2
    • Sliding selfholding gates are standardly delivered with bearing post on the base plates.
    • Stop post can be delivered on base plate or to be grounded on concrete.
    • Bearing post of self holding gates is standardly delivered with anchoring material.
      anchoring material = 3x anchor+chemical mortar
    • Gates over 9m - information in our commercial department

    We ask for 100% payment in advance for gates BPS SOLID.

    Necessary extra charges for self holding gates BPS SOLID
    Gear strip / price for 1m of strip  –  every gate is delivered with build in gear strip for driving mechanism. This must be calculated for each gate : length of gate + 1,50m
    AUTOMATIC = 1x driveline (build-in engine Marantec, antenna, central unit)+1x LED light + 2x remote control
    Fotocell (set, 2pcs)
    Additional extra charges in case of need
    Additional remote control
    Security strip (on the top of the gate for increase of security)
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